Q:  Can I ship my order directly to you from the manufacturer?
A:  Of course, contact us to make sure we have room and then have it shipped directly to us to avoid delays.

Address the package as follows:

201 NE Park Plaza Dr STE 196
Vancouver, WA 98684

Q:  What kind of hardware do you support?
A:  Generally everything.  Some mining hardware is too finicky and we may decline to host it on a case-by-case basis.

Q:  I sold some items, can you ship them out for me?
A:  Of course, simply send us a shipping label and we’ll send it right out ASAP.  Please note that we will not refund any service fees or hosting charges paid.  Generally you should put our address as above as your FROM address.  If you plan on shipping, mining and selling a lot of hardware, we recommend that you sign up for a Fedex account, this will make this process a lot simpler and can save you some money in the long run.

Q:  We have a bulk order coming, what kind of rates can you offer?
A:  We offer competitive rates for average miners with no minimum kW requirement.  We make additional discounts for orders prepaid up front for 3 or more months.  For extremely large orders we can tailor a rate for you based on our availability and current demand for our service.  See our rates page for more details on pricing and services.

Q:  I want to use your service for an order coming in a few months, can I reserve space?
A:  Yes, however you will need to provide a 10% down payment and will want to contact us at hosting@segmining.com ASAP.  We are almost always running at maximum capacity and space is limited right now.

Q:  Can I remote manage my hardware?
A:  Yes, we provide VPN to our customers to access their hardware and maintain pool settings and reboots themselves.

Q:  What kind of maintenance do you provide to the hardware?
A:  We constantly clean and maintain the facility and hardware.   We make sure that the hardware is powered on and the fans are running and provide hard reboots.  However, we do not diagnose mining issues, such as pool connectivity on a daily basis.  We provide VPN access to customers for that reason as these errors are generally pool-server errors and nothing to do with our service.

Q:  What can I do to optimize my support response?
A:  We provide static IP addressing to your hardware so it can be accessed via VPN.  We suggest that you name your workers after the last octet of your miner’s IP.  Example:  IP would be worker12.  When worker12 drops off your pool, you can contact us at support@segmining.com and tell us that worker12 at is down.  This will help us find and fix the issues faster.  Submitting worker_s7a is down makes diagnosing the problem much harder and increases response time because we need to look through all of your allocated IPs to find it.

Q:  How long have you been in business?
A:  SEG LLC was formed in early 2014 as a mining group.  After demand from our local community to host their gear in our facility, we opened our doors on an invite only basis in July 2014 for co-location services.  By October 2014, we were solely a co-location provider.

Q:  Do you offer tours of your facility in person or via Skype?
A:  Generally no.  In 2014 during our transition, we opened our doors to community members who came and visited our site and validated our business.  We would make special arrangements for anyone investing in our business in anyway outside of hosting.  Everything is case-by-case so please contact us.

Q:  How do you cool your facility?
A:  We use large fans that are sized to change the air out of the warehouse every minute.  Removing the hot air from the room, even in summer, has proved to be the most effective method of cooling the miners.

Q:  What should I do before contacting support to save myself some time?
A:  If your miner has stopped mining on your pool, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to VPN
  2. Attempt to access the webui for your miner
    1. If this is accessible, try rebooting the miner or changing pools
  3. Attempt to ping your miner
    1. If you can’t access the webui but can ping it, try logging via SSH and manually rebooting it
  4. If the miner is completely inaccessible or any of your attempts outlined above failed to recover it, contact us at support@segmining.com