Service Rates


Service Rates

Aside from our basic hosting services, we offer a number of add-on services to our customers to keep the experience as simple and stress free as possible.  Purchasing and roundtrip shipping can be costly for power supplies and controllers, why not let us provide it at a small fee?  When you’re done all you need to worry about is your hardware.  Most importantly, even with our VPN access, managing hundreds of miners can be a pain.  We can provide you a stratum proxy where you simply point all of  your miners then when you want to change pools or coins, you can simply update a single application and your entire farm switches over instantly, with no major hassle or headache.

Service Type Term Monthly Rate
Co-Location Service Basic Charge Month-to-Month $90/kW
Co-Location Service Basic Charge 3 Months $75/kW
Co-Location Service (Paid in Advance) Basic Charge 3 Months $73.50/kW
Co-Location Service (Paid in Advance) Basic Charge 6 Months $71.25/kW
Power Supply Rental Add-on Month-to-Month $10/kW
Controller Rental (RPi,Laptop) Add-on Month-to-Month $5 flat
Stratum Proxy Rental Add-on Month-to-Month $5 flat


One-Time Fees

To keep our monthly rates as low as possible, we extract a lot of the overhead charges and turn them into one-time fees.  This allows us to only charge our customers one low fee and keep monthly bills low as well.  Setup fees go towards paying for infrastructure: switches, cables, etc.  Provisioning fees go towards VPN infrastructure and maintaining those services.  It may seem like that could be included into our monthly rate, but this model allows us to keep our site running and keep your bills low.

Fee Name FeeRate
Miner Setup Fees $25 per miner
Provisioning Fee $50 – One time ever


 Inquire About Hosting

Be sure to include the type of hardware you want to ship or have shipped to our location and estimated total number of kilowatts required.

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